A Token to The Stars

The safe, trustless, community driven protocol.

Destination: The Stars and Beyond.

Welcome Travelers!


Auto Liquidity Generation

7% of transfers contribute to permanently locked liquidity, building an ever rising price foundation for generations to come. If a wallet sells more than once per day, this amount is doubled. Great depth of liquidity attracts larger investors while securing price impact from token liquidations.

stationary rewards

Every transfer or transaction triggers a 5% reflectionary redistribution to all holders of StarBound. Our contract handles the heavy lifiting while our community enjoy passive staking without the need to worry about impermanent loss or gas fees to claim rewards.

ion thrusters

StarBound begins with a large burst forward burning 1/3 of the total supply and reserving another 1/3 for staking. Our ticket to the stars requires a robust deflationary model, increasing the value of our tokens along the way. In every market transaction 1% is removed from circulating supply forever.


Every sell to the market is limited to 33% of a holder's current balance. Anyone can sell as often as they like, but this encourages holders to HODL as well as eliminates automated trading software from draining liquidity and front running transactions. Selling more than once per day doubles contribution to liquidity.

Launch phase

  • Website Launch

  • NFT Collectibles Launch

  • Token Launch

  • Burn Ion Thrusters

  • Solidity Finance Audit

  • Delta Listing

  • Launch Marketing Campaign

Post launch q1

  • Coin Market Cap Listing

  • Coin Gecko Listing

  • Blockfolio Listing

  • NFT Staking

  • NFT Development

  • Community Contests

  • Social Growth

  • Website Enhancements


Post launch q2+

  • Lucky Stars Lottery System

  • CryoStaking

  • Influencer Partnerships

  • DeFi Partnerships

  • Blockchain Space Game development

  • Interstellar Exchange



A Future of Growth

We begin our trajectory with the fairest of launches.

StarBound is a community driven project and we welcome everyone to join our trajectory. 

No Presale will be held to prevent any unfair advantage before we have even left our launchpad. No tokens are reserved for team. We all rise together.

To prevent large whales from forming at the very beginning of our journey, initial liquidity will be minimal and provided by the StarBound development team. It will be locked for 1 year to give our community confidence in our vision.


At launch 1/3 of the total supply was locked into the Ion Thruster contract where it was manually burnt. 1/3 was paired as locked liquidity and locked with for 1 year, and the remaining third reserved for staking.


1% of each transaction will be allotted as growth fuel to the team for continued development and is dispersed simultaneously with automatic liquidity generation to prevent impacting market price. This will be used for listings, marketing, nft and game development, as well as NPO donations depending on our success.